How To Get An International Driving License In Mumbai

    Western India Automobile Association. Automobiles, Road Safety, Traffic Safety, license & International Driving permit. Essentially, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is proof that you hold a valid driver's license in your own country. And it provides a translation into almost a. Maharashtra Driving License Online Appointment Required Documents and Fees Details By: staff. Date: Saturday, 13. May 2006. This article originally appeared in Volume 3, Number 4 of Driver/Education, in December 1993. I got it my UP license renewed in Bangalore last month. It was a miserable experience. My new DL continues to have the old DL number but issued from. I will summarise the entire process of getting a driving licence in Bangalore. Without Broker / agent or any driving school. Before starting, here is the checklist. How to obtain Ontario Driving License with our Home Country's D/License Dear all, Let me address another query which getting repetitive here. The procedure of.

    WIAA- International driving license permit. Your Passport to Overseas Driving. Creative Labs Sb0230 Driver Download read more.

    The International Driving Permit (IDP) is recognized worldwide as a valuable document identifying motorists as legally- licensed drivers, in the country they are travelling.

The International driving Permit (IDP) is recognized in many countries, and  IDP could facilitate convenience when renting a car. The IDP contains translations of driving terms used in various languages and can help drivers communicate with car rental companies and other authorities. The IDP is also a useful form of identification as it contains a photograph of the driver. Who Can Apply. Indian driving license holders intending to drive in a foreign country can apply for an IDP.

    An IDP is valid only for one year from the date of issue. Don’t apply if: Applicant does not hold a valid Indian Passport and driving license from the local issuing authority of the applicant’s location. Currently, WIAA offers this service at Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad). IMPORTANT NOTE: P. S.: WIAA is the only authorized organization to issue IDPs in India apart from the local RTOs. It has been found that some third parties are selling IDPs that are not genuine.
We wish to notify members of the public that WIAA is the sole issuing authority, apart from the RTOs, recognized by the FIA and the State Government for the 1. Convention International Driving Permit.
It is a criminal offence to issue, handle or be in possession of an illegitimate IDP.

    How To Get An International Driving License In Mumbai

    Useful info on International Driving permit/International Driving Licence/IDP. What is an IDP, How to get an IDP, which countries you need them in.

    Internet surfers are advised against applying for IDPs that are being sold illegally on the web. The sellers of these forged documents are not only breaking the law but are also endangering the identity of the applicant.
How to apply.

    WIAA offices located at Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad are currently issuing IDP to WIAA members only. Step 1: Become member of WIAA.

    Apply online for membership or visit WIAA office)Step 2: Download IDP form, fill it and walk in to WIAA's Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad office. Eligibility Criteria. Get your WIAA Membership card. Download the form & check the list of countries that recognize the 1. CONVENTION INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT. Apply if you are traveling to one of these countries only. Indian driving license, issued at Mumbai / Pune / Ahmedabad for the respective location of application.

    How To Get An International Driving License In Mumbai

    Valid Indian Passport with Mumbai / Pune / Ahmedabad for the respective location of application. Carry 4 recent passport- size photographs (photo size: 3. Submit above documents and Fee of Rs.

    WIAA Cash counter (Cash or Cheque, in Favor of “WIAA”Payable at the application location. Mumbai/Pune/Ahmedabad).

    Post verification of your documents, you can collect your IDP as per the deadline provided while submitting the documents. Generally, the IDP will be processed and issued within a day or two of the document submission.)Important Notice: Processing time is 2 working days from the date of application submitted to WIAA. Hence please submit your documents well in advance to before you plan to depart. WIAA reserves the right to reject applications in the event that applicants fail to produce or submit the necessary documents. Address on Passport and Driving License must be same as per the location of the application.

    IDP is valid for one year only, if you are already abroad at the time when your IDP is about to expire, then the IDP cannot be renewed until you travel back to your location of application. WIAA advises you to plan your IDP application accordingly. WIAA wishes you a happy journey and healthy stay during your travel. If you are travelling to North America, then you might need the AAA membership card for fabulous discounts while you are in North America. Contact us for more details.

    Click here to visit AAA website. Download  Membership Form Here. Make sure you are Road Safe.- -List of countries accepting IDPList  Of  Countries  Recognising  International  Driving  Permit. Afghanistan. Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)Ireland. Algeria. Croatia. Israel. Andorra. Cyprus.

    Driver's license easy to get in South Africa. By: Drivers. com staff. Date: Saturday, 1.

    May 2. 00. 6 This article originally appeared in Volume 3, Number 4 of Driver/Education, in. December 1. 99. 3. In South Africa, a driver's licence isn't difficult to obtain. No formal training. A learner's permit can be obtained at.

    A full driver's licence can be obtained. No waiting period is required between the. Training is offered by several groups.

    Private driving schools, under the. South African Institute of Driving instructors, cater to the. Groups such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists. BMW of South Africa, and the AA Foundation provide more advanced training. The School Driver Education Program (SDEP), which provides theory as well. Capetown high school in 1. Since then it has escalated into a national program offered at almost 7.

    See another Drivers. South. Africa takes steps to combat fatalities".) The rapid growth in SDEPs was spurred by growth in traffic, a potent mix of. Many of the new drivers entered with little knowledge. New Jersey Graduated Driver License Gdl Program here. The SDEPs are aimed at diffusing more sophisticated. We are ensuring a generation of safer road users who will pass on their abilities," says. Pieter Venter of Potchefstroom Christian University's Centre.

    Education in Traffic Safety, which acts as a research and training resource. Curriculum Currently SDEPs provide 1. The curriculum includes a basic introduction. The behind- the- wheel time covers motoring.

    Driving theory includes. IPDE decision- making system, and the influence of factors such as alcohol. The programs are offered after school hours (7: 3. Venter. hopes they will soon be recognized as a regular part of the school curriculum. Further comments to this article have been disabled. Showing 1 - 5. 64 commentsrukz, hi i need licence sms me u number to 0. Tommy, My niece are from Namibia and has a learner's licence.

    Can she pass her driver's licence here in S. A.? Driver, Where can I find a driving testing centre in Johannesburg that does not take or offer bribes? Majw, Hello there. I am a 1. 7 year old male who has been a victim from the Licensing department, in Sadndton.. I recently went to write my learners and the man at the door could not wait 2 mins for me to get my ID from the car..

    I wasn't allowed to write, due to 'Being late' my quuestion to you now is.. My parents have bought me a car and I am not allowed to drive it because I have no learners. I just need something until I write the test.

    Please mail me on: [email protected] I am desperate. PLEASE : DGatvol, can anyone help me get my drivers? They will fail you for anything. Its depressing as hell! Nella, Hi Guys, i also failed a few times and getting a drivers here is a complete scam, someone please send me a sms to know if there's a easy way to get my license like buying ? CAPE TOWN AREAfazila, I am going to SA. Do i need to renew my S.

    A. drivers license if and have a german drivers license already. Hp 4215 Driver Scan. L, Hi. My learner`s license axpired recently.

    I was not able to book for my driving license in time because the bloody system takes ages. I can simply not wait any longer now!!!!! Can anyone help? Ladysmith- area. Holtzhausen, I whant my learners licence i had now four time to get my licence and it is not that i didnot make it i make it with 4 points and then i fyle please can you help me to get my licence i will apreciated it can you please let me know what must i do because i had a problem with transport and when i get my lerners then i can start to dirvebrick, i heared you can get your lisence when you 1.

    John, If I had a licence since 1. Is there any possibility to obtain a card licence at this stage? If anyone can help I would like to know. My email is johnkahts @gmail.

    Chene, Hi, im 1. 7 and want get my trucker licence next year when im 1. I am a hard worker and fast learner I am a time keeper and responsible to my work I am good in communication both verbal and non verbal I love challenges because I learn new things. Goals To learn as much as possible about the corporate world.

    How to renew driving license issued in other state? Page 2. I have recently moved to Kolkata from Dubai, and wanted a driving licence. I have an Indian licence issued at Mumbai, which expired in 1. I went to the Automibile Association (AAEI) and was told : 1.

    The Mumbai licence cannot be renewed in Kolkata. I need to apply for a new licence in Kolkata. Until I get my new licence, I can drive in Kolkata on the basis of my Dubai licence and an International Driving licence issued from Dubai, which is valid in India. To get the new licence in Kolkata, I had to become a temporary member of AAEI, which cost Rs 3. One cannot become a full member unless one owns a car, which I don't at the moment - the car will arrive next week). I had to pay Rs 5.

    Subsequently I would have to appear for a driving test, which the AAEI staffer would conduct (and I would pass !!). The only time I would have to go to the RTO will be to get my final licence which involves taking a photograph which is incorporated in the licence. By the way, since I am above 5. I will have to sign an Affidavit stating that I am physically fit. Nothing is easy in Kolkatata !!